Reminiscences A Memoir
History of the Old Testament Age 1 from Adam to Abraham Containing 2083 Years
Orson Welles and Roger Hill A Friendship in Three Acts (Hardback)
Sanat Dunyasinin Senaryolari
The Day Dads Ugly Chair Went for a Ride
American Think Starter Teachers Edition
Napolitano It Was a Sunny Day
Uber Das Leben Und Den Charakter Von Scharnhorst
Connected by the Sea Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology Denmark 2003
Briefwechsel Des Groherzogs Carl August Mit Goethe
Our First Year Together A 12-Month Journal for You and Your Newborn
Murder and Deceit The Story of Jack Nissalke
The Seeds and Eggs of Life
Praying Reflections on 40 Years of Solitary Conversations with God
Ricoeur Em Coimbra Rece o Filos fica Da Sua Obra
Cook Book
Ru He Rang Ren XI Huan Wo Qian FBI Tan Yuan Jiao Ni Ru He Ying Xiang Bie Ren Ying Zao Mei Li Ying de Hao Gan Kai Qi Hao Ren Yuan Kai Guan
Themelios Volume 40 Issue 2
The OHurleys Collection The Last Honest Woman Dance to the Piper Skin Deep without a Trace
Scrum Wegwijzer - Een Kompas Voor de Bewuste Reiziger
Audio CD-Lucifer Challenges God (Spiritual Conflict Series) (6 CD)
The Moon Symbol of Transformation
Social Dimensions of Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Regions Findings from Transdisciplinary Research
Hero of the Crossing How Anwar Sadat and the 1973 War Changed the World
Brotherman Dictator of Discipline Revelation
William Rothenstein and His Circle
Grandfather Mountain The History and Guide to an Appalachian Icon
Learning in Virtual Worlds Research and Applications
A Companion to Fifteenth-Century English Poetry
Melodic Interpretation for the Drumset Interpretacin Meldica Para Bater-A (English Spanish Language Edition) Book CD
En Movimiento Una Vida
The Fightin Texas Aggie Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor
Corruption Asset Recovery and the Protection of Property in Public International Law The Human Rights of Bad Guys
More Will Sing Their Way to Freedom Indigenous Resistance and Resurgance
Shakespeare and the Stars The Hidden Astrological Keys to Understanding the Worlds Greatest Playwright
Book Cover Designs
Ethics of the Urban The City and the Spaces of the Political
On Some Unsolved Problems in Geology Address of J W Dawson LLD President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Delivered at the Minneapolis Meeting August 1883
Genealogy in the Library By Otis G Hammond
The Elections to the Hebdomadal Council A Letter to the REV CW Sandford
Surgical Gleanings from Abroad
Diet in Health and Disease
Records of Southhampton A Brief Account of Some of the Borough Documents
List of Plants Collected by Mr B Billings in the Vicinity of the City of Ottawa During the Summer of 1866
Reprints of Letters and Articles Relating to the Amalgamation of the Royal and Indian Armies
Heavenly Homage A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs Martha Vinal Hooker Preached in the Eliot Church Boston December 3 1893
Speeches Delivered at the Lincoln Dinner of the Republican Club of Utica Saturday Evening February 12 1916 Hotel Utica Utica New York
Facts and Figures Showing the Quantity and Cost of the Work of the Dapartment of Health for a Five-Year Period with a Summary of the Results to the Public Health
The Duties of the Jewish Pastor in the Present Age A Sermon Delivered in the French Language by B Artom in the Synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation Kahal Kadosh Shaar Ha-Shamayim on the Occasion of His Installation as Haham 8th Tebe
The Christian Ministry and Modern Thought Higher Criticism
The Water Supply of the City of Winnipeg Report of 8th April 1887 on the Proposals of the Winnipeg Water Works Company
Canadian Idylls
The Decline and Fall of Keewatin Or the Free-Trade Redskins A Satire
An Address Delivered Before the Historical Society of New Brunswick In the City of St John Dominion of Canada 4th July 1883
From the Fraser to the Columbia
The Sesamoid Articular A Bone in the Mandible of Fishes
Differential Invariants Under the Inversion Group
Victorias Jubilee 1837-1887
The Fairy-Craft of Nature
Jane Clement Jones
Recent Works on Ethics
Psalm CXXXVII By the Rivers of Babylon for Four-Part Chorus of Womens Voices with Accompaniment of Organ Harp Two Flutes and Violoncello Obbligato Op 3
Chant-Royal of California
Observations Occasioned by the Motion in the House of Commons on the 26th of March 1833
Examination of the Upper School MDCCCLVI
Meliora An Oration Before the Alumni of the Mount Allison Wesleyan College Sackville on the 1st of June 1880
The Nomenclature of Our Russian Fruits
Continuation of the Moving Adventures of Old Dame Trot and Her Comical Cat Part II
Junctures in Womens Leadership Business
The Descendants of John Russell of Dartmouth Mass
Awful Calamities Or the Shipwrecks of December 1839 Being a Full Account of the Dreadful Hurricanes of Dec 15 21 27 on the Coast of MassachusettsComprising Also a Particular Relation of the Shipwreck of the Following Vessels Barque Lloyd Br
Arguments Against Philippine Independence and Their Answers
Our Highways to the Sea by Rail and Water The Enlargement of the Canals an International Work
Junctures in Womens Leadership Social Movements
British Columbia Mineral and Agricultural Wealth The Canadian National Park
Jacques Ellul on Violence Resistance and War
The Laurentian and Huronian Systems in the Region North of Lake Huron
The Informed Health Plan Act of 2017 Deluxe Color Edition A New Healthcare Delivery System for America
Pentasyllabic Endings in the Latin Hexameter with Particular Reference to the Verse of Lucretius
The Day of Yahweh
Some Remarks Upon Dr Wagstaffs Letter Against Inoculating the Small-Pox in a Letter to Himself Defending That Practice by Perrott Williams MD with an Appendix in Favour of Inoculation by F Slare MD
Mathematics for Cambridge International AS and A Level Mechanics 1 for Cambridge AS A Level Online Student Book
Griechische Dramen
Man Robs Bank with His Chin And Other Stories Missed by the Mainstream Media
Effi Briest
Yasam Neden Var?
Fur Mich War Es Liebe
Luke Cage Second Chances Vol 2
Succession Planning That Works The Critical Path of Leadership Development
Literarisches Bilderbuch
Deutsche Kunst Und Dekoration
The Virgin Smuggler Swift Series Book 4
Falling Stars World War I as the End of the Road Disrupted Lives from Boccioni to Schiele
Der Orden Buch 1
Behind the Public Veil The Humanness of Martin Luther King Jr
HR Short Stories in the Workplace Loosely Based on the Truth
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part IV
Public School Buildings and Their Equipment with Special Reference to High Schools
Pacific Railway Speech Delivered in the House of Commons on Friday and Monday 16th and 19th April 1880
Picturesque Albuquerque New Mexico
Reasons Why British Conservatives Voted Against the Boucherville Ministry
Memoir of the Boston Athenaeum With the Act of Incorporation and Organization of the Institution
The Apostolic Rite of Confirmation Being the Substance of Two Sermons Preached Before His Congregation on Sunday January 27 1867
What Is Political Science? An Inaugural Lecture Given in the Convocation Hall of the University of Toronto 9th November 1888
The Race Track Swindle A Satire
In the Footsteps of Cadillac
Repose and Other Verses
Laws of the State of Michigan Relative to Assessing Property and for Levying and Collecting Taxes Thereon April 1858
Sermon and Lecture Delivered in the St James Street Church and the James Ferrier Hall Theological College During the Session of the British Association at Montreal August 1884
Correspondence on the Subject of Graving Dock at Esquimault BC Also Copy of Advertisement and Tender for Its Construction and Reports of Chief Engineer to Government of the Subject
Public Library Staffs
Reform Fingerposts and Beacons [A Paper on Parliamentary Reform]
By-Laws of Royal Albert Lodge No 25 AF AM QR Lodge Rooms No 6 Phillips Square Montreal
Her Majestys Ship Pinafore Or the Lass That Loved a Sailor An Entirely Original Comic Opera in Two Acts
Railway Earnings in 1918
Regulations for the Survey Administration Disposal and Management of Dominion Lands Within the Forty-Mile Railway Belt in the Province of British Columbia
Some Properties of the Electric Spark and Its Spectrum
Ports of the World Gibraltar
A New Light on Annexation A Political Brochure
Questions Set for Examinations June 1917
Halleys Comet A Lecture Delivered at St Louis Mo January 25 1910
The Gypsum of Nova Scotia
The Entertaining History of Jobson Nell
The Religious Objection to Tetotalism
The Elements of Situation Comedy
A Deep Water Pier at Father Point on the Lower St Lawrence Badly Needed
A Dishonest Silver Dollar Cheats the Laboring Man and Enriches Speculators
An Architectural Monographs on Houses of Bennington VT Vicinity
A Discourse on Predestination Or the Decrees of God
A Doctors Do-Ings Or the Entrapped Heiress of W----M a Satirical Poem
The Judiciary of Allegheny County
The Boundary Question
The Dumb and the Blind A Play in One Act
An Address on the Characters of Lafayette and Washington
The Bible in the Life of the Indians of the United States
A Brief Abstract of Remarks by REV Wm B Hayden at the New Jerusalem Church on the Funeral of the President April 19 1865
A Printers Paradise the Plantin-Moretus Museum at Antwerp
The Religious Instruction of the Slaves in the West India Colonies Advocated and Defended a Sermon Preached Before the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in the New Chapel City Road London April 28 1824
A Thanksgiving Conspiracy
The Embroidery Guide
The Ballad of the Prince
The Grapecane Gall-Maker and the Grapecane Girdler Volume 119
The Radical Member
An Oration Delivered in Trinity-Church in Newport on the Fourth of July 1801
The Evangelical Denominations of the Age
The Sewerage System of Vancouver BC
The Thames Angler
The Journey of Moncacht-Ape an Indian of the Yazoo Tribe Across the Continent about the Year 1700
A Lecture on the Present Position of British Agriculture as Compared with Our Other Industrial Occupations
The Shekinah in the Soul
The Office of Adelantado
The Birds and Other Poems
The Spanish Memorial of 4th June Considered
An Illustrated Guide to the Collegiate Church of Stratford-On-Avon
The Function of the Laboratory in Secondary Education an Address Delivered at Los Angeles Before the Science Section of the Southern California Teachers Association Dec 21 1900
A Letter to William Pulteney Esq
A Sermon Preached in Trinity Church St John on July 5th 1900
The Hudsons Bay Route
A Form of Prayer to Be Used on Wednesday the Twenty-Fifth Day of February 1807 Being the Day Appointed for a General Fast
The Good Roads Problem in Iowa
An Essay Upon the XV Article of the Treaty of Union Wherein the Difficulties That Arise Upon the Equivalents Are Fully Cleared and Explained
A Description of the Machine for the Fireworks and a Detail of the Manner in Which They Are to Be Exhibited on Account of the General Peace 1748 [By G Ruggieri and G Sarti Tr by W Frederick] [3 Large Paper Copies]
The Church-Forsaker
The Manufacture of Iron in Canada
The Earldom of Mar a Letter [In Reply to the Work of That Title by the Earl of Crawford]
A Letter to a Friend in Which Is Shewn the Inviolable Nature of Publick Securities by a Lover of His Country
The Trial by Combat of Henry de Essex and Robert de Montfort at Reading Abbey
The Happy Family Or Deacon Browns Dream And the Lord Mayor of York and His Brother Ned
An Exposition of the Principles of the Roman Catholic Religion With Remarks on Its Influence in the United States
Edward Fitzgerald
Playgoers A Domestic Episode
Descriptive Notes on the Topography and Vegetation of Some Localities Visited by the Excursion in Denmark Arranged for the Members of LAssociation Internationale Des Botanistes June 22nd-July 3rd 1913
Evils and Remedies in the Administration of the Criminal Law Address Delivered Before the American Academy of Political and Social Science at Philadelphia on April 9th 1910
Drydens Influence on the Dramatical Literature of England
Practical Municipal Accounting A Brief Description and Summary of the Uniform System of Accounts Installed in the Offices of the City of Oakland California
The Native Tribes of Alaska An Address Before the Section of Anthropology of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Ann Arbor August 1885
Edmund Burke A Lecture Delivered in de La Salle Institute on April 30th 1880
Chemical Contributions to the Geology of Canada from the Laboratory of the Survey
Wild Life in Hampshire Highlands
Hand-Book for the War Describing the Military Terms in Use in the United States Service and Giving a List of the Forts and Ships Belonging to the United States with a Particular Description of the More Important Ones
Prison Verse
The Passivification of Iron by Nitric Acid
Queen of the Lobby an Incident in One Act
Speech of Mr Crittenden of Kentucky on the Oregon Question Delivered in the Senate of the United States April 6 1846
Picturesque San Antonio
The Mysterious Will
Eagles Wings a Baccalaureate Sermon Delivered at Williamstown MS August 1 1858
Food Plants of Ancient America
Operating Expenses in Retail Drug Stores in 1919
The Depression in Trade and the Wages of Labor
Alaska Its Physical Geography
Montreal of Today a Review of Her Advantages Because of Her Excellent Location Remarkable Resources and Superior Transportation Facilities
The Doctrine of Scripture The Reformers and the Princeton School
Lucia Di Lammermoor A Grand Opera in Four Acts
Game Laws and Game
Seven Factors of Education
Memorial Presented to His Grace My Lord the Duke of Newcastle Upon the Present Condition of Carolina and the Means of Its Amelioration
Prospectus of the New Town of Magdalena NM Located at the Terminus of the Magdalena Branch of the AT SFRR
Prolonging the Cut of Southern Pine
Catos Farm Management Eclogues from the de Re Rustica of M Porcius Cato Done Into English with Notes of Other Excursions in the Pleasant Paths of Agronomic Literature
Bee-Keeping in North Carolina a Study of Some Statistics on the Industry with Suggestions and Conclusions
Affairs at Fort Chartres 1768-1781
The Proper Limits of the Governments Interference with the Affairs of the East-India Company Attempted to Be Assigned With Some Few Reflections Extorted By and On the Distracted State of the Times
A Short Account of the Hartford Convention Taken from Official Documents and Addressed to the Fair Minded and the Well Disposed To Which Is Added an Attested Copy of the Secret Journal of That Body
The Entertaining Story of Little Red Riding Hood And Tom Thumbs Toy Adorned with Cuts
Elevations in the Dominion of Canada
Lewina the Maid of Snowdon a Tale by George Cumberland with Etchings by the Author
Don Quixote in Finance Or Has Canada a Medici? A Tale of Treasons Stratagems and Spoils
Bulletin Division of Entomology Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations Queensland Volume No 3
Religious Liberty in the United States
University of Illinois Bulletin Volume 11 Issue 27
Extraordinary and Particular Vows Considerd As Not Necessary or Expedient a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford on Sunday in the Afternoon November the Fifth 1732 by Tipping Silvester
Catalogue of the Doubleday Collection of Lepidoptera
Bulletin of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the State of California Proposed Labor Laws
Housing (Scotland) Report of Committee of Inquiry Into the High Cost of Building Working Class Dwellings in Scotland
Insects Injurious to Forest Trees
In Memory of James G Blaine Memorial Services of the California Legislature (Thirtieth Session)
Development of Water Power Report
The Economics of Henry Georges Progress and Poverty
The Radioactivity of Lead
Ancient Mining on the Shores of Lake Superior
Extra Census Bulletin the Areas of the United States the Several States and Territories and Their Counties
Speech of Mr Culver of New York on the Texas and Oregon Questions Delivered in the House of Representatives U S January 30th 1846
A Sermon Preachd in the Chappel of Ormond-Street On Sunday the 6th of Feb 1714 Opon [Sic] Occasion of the Much Lamented Death of That Pious and Worthy Gentleman Robert Nelson Esq
A Discourse on the Moral Uses of the Sea Delivered on Board the Packet-Ship Victoria Capt Morgan at Sea July 1845
A Discourse Delivered in St Johns Church in Portsmouth Newhampshire [Sic] At the Conferring the Order of Priesthood on the REV Robert Fowle AM of Holderness on the Festival of St Peter 1791
Provisional List of Annual Ceremonies at Walpi
Deer Their Habits and Management
Dividends Industrial Peace and Increased Production Yesterday and Tomorrow Work and Plans of the American Mining Congress
Report of Dona Ana County
Industrial Unrest The Reports of the Commissioners (July 1917)
Conservators of the Hunterian Museum
A Sermon Preachd on the Eighth of March 1704 5 Being the Anniversary of Thanksgiving for the Queens Accession to the Crown
Commercial Fertilizers Volume 72
An Address to the People of England Shewing the Unworthiness of Their Behaviour to King George The Folly of the Pretended Reasons for the Present Rebellion
God Seen Above All National Calamities
Report of the Joint Committee on Public Lands in Relation to the Public Garden July 1850
Comparison of Methods of Sampling Cream for Testing
National Heart Blood Vessel Lung and Blood Program Annual Report of the National Heart and Lung Advisory Council Volume 1975
Account of the Executive with the Contingent Fund Volume 1856
Gordon Versus Gordon
Parent-Teacher Associations of Washington
The Introduction and Spread of Pieris Rapae in North America 1860-1885
Private Journal Kept on Board HMS Favorite on the Newfoundland Station
The Erie Canal Its Origin Its Success and Its Necessity A Paper Read Before the Buffalo Historical Club February 3 1868
Historical New Orleans (in Verse)
Deutsche Weinga Rtner [Microform] Der Ein Handbuch ALS Richtschnur Und Gra1 4ndliche Anleitung Fa1 4r Weinbauer
Scots Folk Song
Catalog Anthony Wayne Institute A Different School Founded Upon Modern Methods for Teachers Former Teachers and High School Graduates
Sermon Delivered in the United States Naval Academy On the Day of the Funeral of the Late President Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln Anniversary 1809-1898 February 12th
British Influence on the Affairs of the United States Proved and Explained
An Inquiry Into the Causes of the Insurrection of the Negroes in the Island of St Domingo To Which Are Added Observations of M Garran-Coulon on the Same Subject Read in His Absence by M Guadet Before the National Assembly 29th Feb 1792
Transactions of the Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia Volume V9 PT2 (1921)
Report of the Commissioner
Illuminated Official Programme of the Autumnal Festivities at St Louis Mo 1886
On Scriptural Conversion The Modern Style of Preaching and the State of the Churches
The Papacy and Anglican Orders
A Brief Description of Actual Conditions in Mexico
The Federation of the World
Genealogy of the Four Lyon Brothers William Samuel Daniel and Charles Who Came to Bainbridge in 1803
Proposed International Phonetic Conference to Adopt a Universal Alphabet Circular Inviting Opinions
Political Prophecies an Address to the Edinburg Philosophical Society Delivered Nov 5 1918
Diplomatic Relations of Texas and the United States 1839-1843
The Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco 1915
An Address at the Funeral of Hon Roger Sherman Baldwin February 23 1863
Public Schools of the City of Boston September 1838
Do You Pay Excess Profits Duty?
Catalogue of Land Shells of Japan to Be Had of Y Hirase
Pleusgadh Na Bulgoide Or the Bursting of the Bubble
International Bimetallism Speech of James Baker in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia January 24th 1894
The General Glaciation of Iar-Connaught and Its Neighborhood in the Counties of Galway and Mayo
Letter to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Melbourne on the Cause of the Higher Average Price of Grain in Britain Than on the Continent
Pheelim ORookes Curse
Speech of Mr Holmes of Maine in the Senate of the United States on the Nomination of JJ Crittenden 4th February 1829
Evolution of the Constitution of West Virginia
Paper on Chinese Music
Old Lennoxville Boys
Tests of Reinforced Concrete Beams Series of 1906
The Queens Case Stated
The Fatty Acid Radicals of Liver Lecithin
Descriptive Catalogue of the Archaeological Historical and Artistic Collections of Eufemio Abadiano
Historical Address on the Early Exploration and Settlement of the Mississippi Valley Delivered in Davenport Iowa January 21st 1873
Determination of the Mean Declinations of 136 Stars for the Epoch 19120 by William Elijah Anderson
Speech of Mr Truman Smith of Conn on the Oregon Question Delivered in the House of Representatives US February 7th 1846
Disadvantages of the Federal Farm Loan System to the Borrowing Framer
Speech of the Hon Henry Clay Before the American Colonization Society In the Hall of the House of Representatives January 20 1827
Souvenir Victoria the Capital City of the West at the Dawn of the 20th Century
Burritts Universal Multipliers for Computing Interest Simple and Compound Adapted to the Various Rates in the United States to Which Are Added Tables of Annuities and Exchange
Exports and Imports as Showing the Relative Advancement of Every Nation in Wealth Strength and Independence
Thoughts on the Treaty Now Agitating Between Government and the East India Company Shewing the Conceived Defects of the Propositions Drawn Up by the Court of Directors And Containing a New Set of Propositions Perhaps More Advantageous to the Public T
Publications of Edward Luther Stevenson
Discourse Delivered at the Funeral of Hon William M Richardson On the 26th Day of March AD 1838
Love and Lust the Sensuousness of the Tropics The Diaries of Harriet E Wagner
Transcendentalism in New England A Lecture Delivered Before the Society for Philosophical Inquiry Washington DC May 7 1895
The Problem of Prosperity and the Part in It Played by the American Railroads Testimony
Development of History and Government in Smith College 1875-1920 with a List of Publications of the Faculty and Alumnae
A Factory Childs Fathers Reply to the Factory Childs Mother a Poem To Which Are Subjoined Poems by Two Ladies
The Birth and Growth of Science in Medicine Being the Harveian Oration Delivered Before the Royal College of Physicians of London October 18th 1920
Awaken the Flow Holistic Healing Health and Well-Being Heal Your Mind Body and Spirit with Natural Healing
The Extension of Local Self-Government in Bengal
The Christian Almanack for the Year of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 1824 Being Bissextile or Leap Year and the Forty-Eighth of the Independence of the United States
The Present State of Old Testament Studies
Memoir of Surgeon-Major Sir W Os Haughnessy Brooke in Connection with the Early History of the Telegraph in India
Report on the Tertiary Lignite Formation in the Vicinity of the Forty-Ninth Parallel
The Avenue of the Allies and Victory
The Burro Book
Southern Slavery and Its Relations to Northern Industry A Lecture Delivered at the Catholic Institute in Cincinnati
The Plausible Arguments of a Romish Priest from Antiquity Answered
Biblical Studies Concerning the Israel of God and the Coming of Christ
A Criticism of Mr Lesueurs Pamphlet Entitled Defence of Modern Thought
The Burgoyne Campaign of July -October 1777
The Recantation A Poem Inscribed Without Permission to Sir W*** C***
The Alaskan Gold Fields and the Opportunities They Offer for Capital and Labor
The Grand Secrets of Success Or How to Get on in the World
The San Juan Question
A Narrative of the Case of Queen vs Chesley Which Originated in the Fraud of the Former Savings Bank Agent at Annapolis Assisted by the Wrongful Act of a Magistrate and Which Resulted in a Strange Miscarriage of Justice as See the Facts Within Stated
The Pastoral Epistles in the Light of One Roman Imprisonment
The Scot at Home and Abroad
The Bible and the Classics as a Literary Background Addresses Delivered at the Meeting of the Conference at the Johns Hopkins University on November 27 1920
The Last Defender of Jerusalem
A Discourse on the Death of Zachary Taylor
A Primer of Scientific Investment
Biographical Sketch of Ezekiel Cheever with Notes on the Free Schools and Early School-Books of New England
The Corrector of the Press in the Early Days of Printing
A Sermon Delivered Before the Convention of the Clergy of Massachusetts in Boston May 26 1796
The Elements of Celtic Art
The Shrinkage of Shelled Corn While in Cars in Transit
A Lecture on the Subject of Current Events Delivered by WK Bull at the Mechanics Literary Institute of Victoria British Columbia Tuesday December 11th 1883
A Biographical Sketch of Dr James W Stone with a Portrait
The Dear Departing A Frivolous Performance in One Act
Speech of Mr Miller of New Jersey on the Oregon Question Delivered in the Senate of the United States March 26 1846
Delicious Recipes
Christian Science and the Ordinary Man
A Eulogy on the Late Daniel Webster Pronounced Before the Faculty and Students of Yale College January 18 1853
Variety a Tale for Married People
Extracts from the Autobiography and Other Writings of Benjamin Franklin Suggested for Use in the Public Schools of the City of Boston by the Joint Bi-Centennial Committee in Connection with the Observance of the 200th Anniversary of Franklins Birth Ja
Speech of the Hon William H Haywood of North Carolina on the Oregon Question Delivered in the Senate of the United States March 4 5 1846
A Branch of the Harriman Family of New England
Canadian Timber Trees Their Distribution and Preservation
Report of the Committee on the Comparative Health Mortality Length of Sentences C of White and Colored Convicts
The Works of Voltaire a Contemporary Version - Vol XLI
The Dene Languages Considered in Themselves and Incidentally in Their Relations to Non-American Idioms
Canada as I Remember It and as It Is
Canada and Her Relations to the Empire
A Sermon Delivered Before His Excellency the Governor And the Honourable Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the Annual Election May 31 1797
An Apology for Rational and Evangelical Christianity A Discourse at the Dedication of a New Church on Church Green Summer Street Boston To Which Are Added Notes and Illustrations
Five Letters to Governor Hamilton
Problems of National and International Politics
The Decline and Revival of Public Interest in College Education an Address Delivered Before the Graduates of Oberlin College June 20th 1893
Jesus Christ the Truth-Teller A Sermon Preached in Christ Church Hartford on the First Sunday After Trinity June 4 1893 Before the Graduating Class of Trinity College
Descriptions of New Plants Collected in Mexico by CG Pringle in 1890 and 1891 with Notes Upon a Few Other Species
A Historical Account of Christ Church Boston An Address Delivered on the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Opening of the Church December 29th 1873
The Peoples Answer to the Court Pamphlet Entitled a Short Review of the Political State of Great Britain
The Moral Sentiment of the People The Index and Foundation of National Greatnes An Address
Father Damens Lecture Tuesday Evening 19th December 1871 Answers to Popular Objections Against the Catholic Church A Verbatim Report
Address Delivered Before the Agricultural Society of Kent County
Pe Toestloes Oetsotoeleh
Time-Reckoning for the Twentieth Century
Present Condition of the Survey of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Annual Catalogue Volume 1910
Essay on Mr WH Lynchs Pamphlet Entitled Scientific Butter Making
Foreign Phrases in Daily Use a Readers Guide to Popular and Classic Terms in the Literature of Seven Languages with Explanations of Their Meanings
Separation War Without End
Principles of Civic Taxation
The British Columbia Almanac 1895 Specially Compiled for This Province with Other General Information
The Erie Canal The Question of the Origin of the Erie Canal Considered in Reference to Gouverneur Morris Joshua Forman James Geddes and Jesse Hawley A Paper Read Before the Buffalo Historical Society July 9th 1872
Shys at Shakspeare
War A Lecture Delivered at the Montreal Military Institute April 18 1896
Canada Its Political Development
Regulations for the Recruiting Service of the Army of the United States
Paper Prepared to Be Read at the Annual Meeting of the Canada Medical Association Held at Banff Tuesday and Wednesday August 13 14th 1889 by A Jukes MD But Not Read on That Occasion
Origin and History of Life on Our Planet An Address by Vice-President JW Dawson Before the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Detroit Michigan April 1875
Annual White Sweet Clover and Strains of the Biennial Form
Land and Sea Birds Nesting Within the Arctic Circle in the Lower MacKenzie River District
Concession to the United States
Black Bass Where to Catch Them in Quantity Within an Hours Ride from New York Best Methods and Baits Fully Treated Upon with Salient Practical Hints Upon Choice of Rods and Tackle Weather Prognostications and Atmospheric Influences Reviewed
The Lord Bishop of Bangors Defence of His Assertion Viz That the Example of Our Lord Is Much More Peculiarly Fit to Be Urged to Slaves Than to Subjects Considerd
Popular Sovereignty in the Territories
Hay Fever
Princeton University Bulletin
The Kilchoman People Vindicated from the Charges of the REV Alex Cameron A Report of the Proceedings of a Meeting of the Islay Association Held in the Garrick Temperance Hotel on the Evening of Thursday 28th June 1867
Lichtentag Paragon Shorthand A Vast Improvement in the Art of Shorthand Seven Easy Lessons
A Bit of Sunshine Illustrated
Princeton College Administrations in the Nineteenth Century
Prohibition With the People Behind It
The Currency-Specie Payments Speech of Hon John Sherman of Ohio in the United States Senate January 16 1874
On the Mesozoic Floras of the Rocky Mountain Region of Canada
Circular on Commercial Fertilizers March 1891 March 1892
Laboratory Manual Cost Accounting
Memorial Proceedings of the Senate Upon the Death of Hon George A Vare Late a Senator from the First District of Pennsylvania
Recent Studies Upon Immunity
Request Aen Die Heeren Raeden Van Brabant Ten Aenzien Van Den Eerw Heer Henricus Clavers
Program of Competition Utah State Capitol Building
State Directed Emigration With a Prefatory Letter from His Excellency the Right Hon the Earl of Dufferin
Something from the Gold Diggings in Sutherland
The Klondike Or the Experience of a Winter in the Klondike A Play
The Death of the Believer A Sermon Preached in the Chapel of Brown University June 30th 1850 the Sabbath After the Decease of Mrs Esther Lois Caswell Wife of Professor Alexis Caswell
Blaines Reply to Gladstone Free Trade and Protection? from Remarks on Banking and Currency
The Farmer Feedeth All How the Protection Affects the Farmer an Address Delivered Before the New Jersey State Agricultural Society at Waverly Sept 22 1882
A Report to the Surgeon General on the Transport of Sick and Wounded by Pack Animals
A Qualitative Investigation of the Effect of Mode of Presentation Upon the Process of Learning
Fasciculi of the Memorial Symposium of the Class of Yale 1852 Academic Held on Their Classmate Daniel Coit Gilman Who Died October 13 1908
Poems with a Biographical Sketch
Extracts from the Publications of Mr Knox Dr Anderson Mr Pennant and Dr Johnson
Durham a Poem
Heads of Enquiry Into the State and Condition of Lighthouses with Explanatory Notes for the Use of Authorities Having Charge of Lighthouses and for the Information of Lighthouse Keepers C
The Rank of Charles Osborn as an Anti-Slavery Pioneer
The Fight in the Beechwoods A Study in Canadian History
What Is Education? a Letter to the Earl of Derby
A Review of REV Doctor Lords Sermon on the Higher Law in Its Application to the Fugitive Slave Bill
The Early Silk Industry of Lancaster County
Our National Dangers Real and Unreal Oration Delivered Before Harvard Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa in Sanders Theatre Thursday June 29 1899
To What End Do High Schools Teach English? a Paper Read Before the High School Section of the Rhode Island Institute of Instruction Nov 4 1892
The Democratic Assault Upon Maines Industries Remarks of Hon Charles A Boutelle of Maine in the House of Representatives May 31 June 1 and 2 and July 9 1888
State Documents on Federal Relations The States and the United States
Communication of Attorney-General Z Snow In Response to a Vote of the House of Representatives of the Territorial Legislature Passed February 4th 1874 on the Jurisdiction of the Probate Courts And Other Matters Pertaining to Legal Jurisdiction and
Report by Mr James M Sinclair on the Hog-Raising and Pork-Packing Industry in the United States And on the Live Stock and Frozen Meat Exportation of the Argentine Republic
The Prophesy Concerning the Rosh Kelalah
Early Bridges and Changes of the Land and Water Surface in the City of St Paul
On the Enclitic Ne in Early Latin
Traethawd AR Etholedigaeth Gras
Prehistoric and Present Commerce Among the Arctic Coast Eskimo
Examination of a Tract on the Alteration of the Tariff Written by Thomas Cooper
Studies in Philology Volume 6
Brick-Scale Tables with Explanatory Notes for the Designer in Brickwork
A Sermon Preached Before His Excellency the Governor His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor and the Two Branches of the Legislature of Massachusetts May 27 1812 Being the Day of Annual Election
Discussion of the Magnetic and Meteorological Observations Made at the Girard College Observatory Philadelphia in 1840 1841 1842 1843 1844 and 1845
Bonds of the Governments of the French Republic and the Kingdom of Belgium
Diurnal Variations in Memory and Association
The Raison DEtre of the Public High School
Current Literature Club
Deep Hole Drilling
Essential Stitches and Seams
Currency and the Foreign Trade
Secretarys Report
Cuneiform Documents in the Smith College Library
Sights and Scenes in Utah for Tourists
Unanswerable Arguments Against a Peace By a British Freeholder
The Appeal for Social Justice An Address in the Rodef Shalom Temple Pittsburgh Sunday November 3 1912
Poems Written at the Front
Off to the War! An Original Farce for the Times in One Act
Come Lasses and Lads
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons At the Church of St Margarets Westminster on Friday December 13 1776 Being the Day Appointed by His Majestys Royal Proclamation to Be Observed as a Day of Solemn Fasting and Humiliation
The Nelson Memorandum
The Empire Aspect of Preference
Wilkesons Notes on Puget Sound Being Extracts from Notes by Samuel Wilkeson on a Reconnoissance of the Proposed Route of the Northern Pacific Railroad Made in the Summer of 1869
The Riel Question Letter
The Literature of Mountain Climbing in America
A Speech Delivered at the Session of June 3rd 1892 of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Quebec
The Gleaner Volume V11 No3
The Gleaner Volume V20 No2
British Columbia Williams Lake and Cariboo Report on Portions of the Williams Lake and Cariboo Districts and on the Fraser River from Fort Alexander to Fort George
Memoir of the Baron de Kalb
The Pence Table in Verse Or a Pleasing Way of Inducing Children to Commit to Memory the First Rudiments of Arithmetic
Biographical Sketch of the Late Colonel Chewett
Training of Teachers for Secondary Courses in Agriculture
A Study of Experimental Pneumonitis in the Rabbit
Did the Phoenicians Discover America?
An Exposure of the Fallacy of the Hamiltonian System
The Preston Genealogy Orange County Branch and Sketch of the Life of the Author
Program Cuyahoga Portage Chapter No 335 1907 08-1908 09
An Address at the Unveiling of the Statue of Washington
Description of the Fossils and Shells Collected in California
Annual Report of the Town of Sanbornton New Hampshire Volume 1895
Soils of the Eastern United States and Their Use-- XXVI the Houston Clay
Central Park New York
Lodge History of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Knights of Pythias and AOUW Vancouver BC With a Short History of Their Organization Biographical Sketches of Members
Annual Report of the Directors of the Boston and Albany Railroad Co to the Stockholders Volume 3
Harveys Guide to Patents
Some Bird Friends
Drama of Eden
Letters of the Hon Albert Gallatin Upon the Oregon Question Originally Published in the National Intelligencer January 1846
Lamentation on the Death of Abraham Lincoln President of the United States
Prince Arthurs Landing and the Terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Capn Pratt
Ceremonies Incident to the Dedication of the Scottish Rite Cathedral
Instructions for Using Fountains Tailor System of Dress Cutting
Speech Delivered by the Hon Geo E Foster Minister of Marine and Fisheries at Hampton Kings County NB January 10 1887
Personal Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln
Blakes Tribute to MacKenzie Blakes Tribute to Sir Richard Cartwright Blakes Tribute to Paterson Duty of Young Men
Description and Instructions for the Use of Rifle and Hand Grenades May 18 1911
Church Parties and Christian Unity A Sermon Preached on Whitsunday May 20th 1888 at St Johns Church
On Crystal Formation of the Elements and Their Allotropic Modifications With a Deduction of the Atomic Forms Therefrom
The State Public School at Coldwater [Microform] Its Purposes and Aims an Address
Railways of Canada Their Cost Amounts of Aid Given in Cash and Land C
Extracts from Official Paper Relating to the Bering Sea Controversy 1790-1892
Syllabus of Post Mortem Methods for the Use of Students in the Montreal General Hospital
Annual Report - State Board of Health State of Florida Volume 1889 90
Speech of the Hon JA Chapleau Delivered at St Laurent County of Jacques Cartier on the 6th September 1883
Smallpox and Its Prevention
By-Laws of King Solomons Lodge No 22 GRC AFAM Established 1847
An Appeal to the Reason and Good Feeling of the English People On the Subject of the Catholic Hierarchy
The Errington Mission A Story of Evasion Equivocation Denial and Surrender
From Coast to Coast A Farmers Ramble Through Canada and the Canadian Pacific Railway System
Report of William Brown Professor of Agriculture Ontario Agricultural College Guelph on the Herds and Flocks of Ontario
Virgin Continent A Lecture Delivered Under the Auspices of the St Stephen Literary Association in Watsons Hall on the Evening of the 17th of March 1883
Government in Canada and the United States Compared
Some Account of the Legal Development of the Colonial Episcopate
Paper on the Eucalypts of Australia
On the Cretaceous and Tertiary Floras of British Columbia and the North-West Territory
Historical Sketch of the Saguenay Souvenir of the Ontario and Quebec Press Excursion to Chicoutimi Grand-Brule and St-Alphonse on the 9th August 1883
Two Cases of Sarcomatosis with Purpura Haemorrhagica
By-Laws of Fidelity Lodge No 77 AF AM Located at Agnes Beauce PQ
Report of the Chancellor with Regard to the Scheme for Confederating Universities and Colleges
Secular Schools Versus Denominational Schools
On the Geology of Natural Gas and Petroleum in Southwestern Ontario Notes on the Occurence of Petroleum in Gaspe Quebec
On New Species of Cretaceous Plants from Vancouver Island
Letters to My Hospital Internes Past and Present
To the Public As a Good Deal of Matter Has Appeard in the United States Press Injurious to the Character of the Nova Scotia Electric Telegraph Company
Historical and Geographical Features of the Rocky Mountain Railroads
Speech of Hon William Allen of Ohio Delivered in the Senate of United States February 10 and 11 1846 on Our Relations with England Being the Opening Speech Pending the Oregon Notice
Canada and the Federation of the Empire
A Discourse Delivered at Hanover NH May 7 1841 On the Occasion of the Death of William Henry Harrison Late President of the United States
Explorations in Ohio Conducted for the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology in Connection with Harvard University
Budget Speech Delivered in the Provincial Legislature on Monday March 29th 1886
The Future of McGill University Annual University Lecture Session 1880-81
Remarks on an Address Delivered Before the New England Society of the City of New York December 23 1844
Book-Plate Literature
A Brief Historical Sketch of Canadian Banking and Currency The Laws Relating Thereto Since Confederation and a Comparison with British and American Systems
Sturla the Historian
Speech of the Hon Edward Blake on the Franchise Bill Delivered in the House of Commons at Ottawa Friday April 17th 1885
Underground Certificates in Nova Scotian Coal-Mines A Paper Read Before the Institution of Mining Engineers Annual General Meeting at Birmingham September 13th 1898
Duty Knowledge and Faith Ritual of the Youths Auxiliary of IOBB Adopted by District Grand Lodge No 4 IOBB January 30th 1895
This Day Is Publishd a Second Letter Containing Remarks on a Late Pamphlet Entitled Christianity Not Founded on Argument
Henry and Sarah Stretcher and Descendants of Delaware
Prohibition of the Use of White Lead in Painting Item Iii(b) of the Agenda
Easy Shorthand
Arminianism and Grace
Institutional Beginnings in a Western State [Iowa]
Address on the Death of Abraham Lincoln President of the United States Delivered Before the Lexington Literary Association New York April 19 1865
To the Worthy Liverymen of the City of London Gentlemen Your Interest and Poll Are Desired for Sir Richard Glyn to Be One of Your Representatives in Parliament
Jottings by the Way
The Early Life of Moltke A Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford May 10 1913
The Lake Erie Shore as a Botanizing Ground Read Before the Biological Section February 15th 1889
Sorrow and Old Friends
Lecture on the Use of Railways for Coast and Harbour Defence
Prospectus of the Aberdeen Claims Caribou District BC Junction of Slough Creek and Willow River
Canada Information for Emigrants
Inception of Electrical Science and the Evolution of Telegraphy
Speech of the Honorable DH McMillan Treasurer of the Province of Manitoba Delivered on the 19th February 1890 in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba on Moving the House Into Committee of Supply
Financial Statement of the Hon R Harcourt Treasurer of the Province of Ontario Delivered on the Ninth Day of February 1899 In the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario on Moving the House Into Committee of Supply
Sermon Delivered in St Andrews Church Ottawa on the 21st January 1872
American Ornithology -1
Cartoons of the Campaign Dominion of Canada General Elections 1900
An Address Entitled the Navy in Relation to the Empire Delivered at the Junior Constitutional Club Piccadilly on Thursday February 16th 1899
Remarks on Vaccination
The Right Use of the Manifold Gifts of God a Sermon Preachd at the Anniversary Meeting of the Gentlemen Educated at St Pauls School on Monday January 25 1713 14 by S Dod
Poetical Directory of the Town of Lindsay and Business Men of the Surrounding Country
British Columbia and Vancouver Island Condidered as a Field for Commercial Enterprise Emigration
Railway and Ferry Connection The Proposed By-Law Discussed Full Report of Meeting Held in Victoria Theatre on Saturday 3rd November 1900
Speech of Mr Calhoun of South Carolina on the Resolutions Giving Notice to Great Britain of the Abrogation of the Convention of Joint Occupancy Delivered in the Senate of the United States March 16 1846
The Fight at Dame Europas School Shewing How the German Boy Thrashed the French Boy and How the English Boy Looked on
The Road to Riches Klondyke When How to Get There
Report of a Sermon Delivered at the Drill Shed Charlottetown Sabbath Morning Aug 10th 1879
St Andrews Niagara 1794-1894
Details of Machine Tool Design
Welcome My Heroes
The Influence of Missions on People and Nations A Discourse Preached by the Appointment of the Synod of Nashville at Their Meeting in the City of Nashville October 4th 1854
The Cure of the Gout An Amusing Tale Adorned with Cuts
The Little Woman and the Pedlar With the Strange Distraction That Seized Her and the Undutiful Behaviour of Her Little Dog on That Occasion Illustrated in Fifteen Elegant Engravings
Speech of the Hon Adam Crooks Treasurer of the Province of Ontario Delivered on the 21st February 1873 in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Moving the House Into Committee of Supply
Report by Professor DArcy Thompson on His Mission to the Behring Sea in 1896 Dated March 4 1897
How Germany Seeks to Justify Her Atrocities
True Stories for Young People
The Horse Its History and Uses
Decimal Coinage
Death of BF Stevens
On the Drifts of the West and South Borders of the Lake District and on the Three Great Granite Dispersions
Antient Erse Poems Collected Among the Scottish Highlands in Order to Illustrate the Ossian of Mr MacPherson
On the Influence of American Legislation on the Decline of the United States as a Maritime Power
Joseph Salvador Jewish Merchant Prince Who Came to South Carolina
Facts about White Diarrhoea Practical Methods of Prevention and Treatment How to Stop Losses and Reduce the Mortality in Small Chicks Simple Safe and Sure Plan of Successful Chick Rearing
Album of Oxford Photographs
Some of the Essentials of Beekeeping
Development of the Profile of Equilibrium of Subaqueous Shore Terrace
The Study of Literature Inaugural Lecture Delivered in Convocation Hall October 12th 1889
Idan-Ha Gold Dredge Company Properties Stanley Basin Custer County Idaho Capital Stock $800000 Par Value $100 Per Share Full Paid and Non-Assessable
The Carmelites A Lecture Delivered in the Academic Hall of the Jesu on the 11th July 1875
Oration at the Dedication of the Site of the Fort Schuyler Monument July 4th 1883
Prison Poems
The Mystery of Providence A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Hon Jabez W Huntington United States Senator Delivered in the First Church in Norwich November 7 1847
Catalogue of Californian Writers Issued by the San Franciscan Womens Literary Exhibit Columbian Exposition 1893 Under the Auspices of the San Francisco Worlds Fair Association
Resolutions of the Society Associated for the Purpose of Obtaining a Parliamentary Reform
Biography and Early Life Sketch of the Late Abram Sortore Including His Trip to California and Back
Clothes Wringers and Cold Process Mangles [Technical Facts Told in a Comprehensive Way]
How a Superintendent May Aid His Teachers in Self-Improvement
Canadian Poultry Journal Volume 2 Issue 8
Flimflam a Society Girl
Catalogue of an Exhibition of Contemporary American Paintings and of the Permanent Collection The Memorial Art Gallery Rochester New York July-August-September MCMXVII
Our Fallen Leader A Discourse Delivered on Thursday June 1 1865 in the Bridge Street Presbyterian Church Georgetown DC
Lincoln vs Liquor
An Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston At the Celebration of the Seventy-Eighth Anniversary of American Independence July 4 1854
Military Brotherhoods
Clodius and Cicero With Other Examples and Reasonings in Defence of Just Measures Against Faction and Obloquy Suited to the Present Conjuncture
Catalogue of Books Periodicals and Pamphlets Belonging to the Colorado Scientific Society
Habeas Corpus a Response to Mr Binney Volume 2
1909 - Ye Liberty
Catalogue of Photographs by H Hering Photographer and Publisher to the Queen 137 Regent Street London W
Revolution Against Free Government Not a Right But a Crime An Address by Joseph P Thompson Delivered Before the Union League Club and Published at Their Request
Bowling Catalog E
English Literature
Old Aunt Elspas A B s
Evidence of Mr J A Ruddick Dairy and Cold Storage Commissioner Given Before the Select Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization 1912-13 Respecting the Progress of Dairying in Canada
The Pierrot of the Minute A Dramatic Fantasy in One Act
Blacksmith Shop Practice
The Cases in Which the Master Is Liable for Injuries to Servants in His Employ
An Ode to Lake Bass
Deed of Mortification for the Provision and Endowment of Old Age Pensions in Mortlach and Glenrinnes and Relative Rules and Regulations
The Early Friends and Their Services in America An Address Read Before the Friends Institute for Young Men Philadelphia Second Month 15 1883
A Discourse Delivered at the Opening of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America on the 21st of May AD 1829
By-Laws the Foreign Fruit Exchange of the City of New York
The Gleaner Volume V11 No4
Education Vocational Training and Recreation in the Western Department of the United States Army June 1920
Brief History and Description [Of the Memorial Institute]
Plan for the Universal Order of the Holy Grail Purity--Good Citizenship--Service
A Father to His Freshman Son A Father to His Graduate Girl
The Original Guckerts Chords for the Hawaiian Steel Guitar at Sight Without Notes or Teacher
A Pioneer Mother
Dublin in Irish Legend
Ecclesiastes Rendered Into English Verse
The Scottish House of Roger with Notes Respecting the Families of Playfair and Haldane of Bermony
The Established Church and the Liquor Traffic Being a Letter Addressed to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury
A Chronological List of the Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson with Some Few Items of Tennysoniana and a Series of Portraits of the Poet Laureate Exhibited at the Grolier Club November 5-20 1897
A Defense of the Reconstruction Acts of Congress and Critical Review of the Inaugural of HH Haight Governor of California Comprising Important Points at Issue in the Present Campaign Respectfully Dedicated to the Union-Republican Congressmen from Th
Grinding and Lapping
A Voice for All Subjects Or a Scheme for the Consideration of Conflicting Theories and Principles and for Expanding the Minds of the Working Class
Notes on the Parallel Roads of Lochaber
Officers and Members
Our National Trials a Cause for Thankfulness a Sermon Preached in the Second Presbyterian Church Cleveland November 28th 1861 a Day of Thanksgiving and Praise Volume 2
Artificial Dearth Or the Iniquity and Danger of Withholding Corn Being the Substance of Two Sermons on Proverbs XI 26 by a Clergyman in the Country
The Devonian Fishes of Missouri
Concerning Book Plates
The Divine Forces of the Gospel
University of Illinois Bulletin Volume 14 Issue 28
An Indian Civilians Career What It Is and What It Might Be With Some Remarks on English Mal-Administration in India
The Production Distribution and Food Value of Milk A Report to Herbert C Hoover United States Food Administrator
History of the Presbyterian Church of Albert Lea Minn A Sermon
Disciplined Youth Necessary for the Duties of Middle Life and the Comfort of Old Age
Debate Questions on US History
To the Saints in Sion A Song of Praise Written at Carlisle in Cumberland about Fifty Years Ago and Now Published by Consent of the Writer
Annual Report of the Town of South Hampton New Hampshire Volume 1915
Remarks on the Province of Shantung
Power of Christian Womanhood A Sermon Delivered at the Funeral of Mrs Mary Emmons Ide of West Medway July 3 1880
Catalogue of Indian Insects Volume PT 7
The School of Architecture Its Resources and Methods the Instruction in Practice
Victoria Queen and Woman
Old Poor Robin An Almanack Composed (According to the Most Modern Mode for the Year of Our Lord 1786 Written by Poor Robin
Budget Speech Delivered by Honorable FG Marchand Treasurer of the Province in the Legislative Assembly of Quebec January 24th 1900
Report of the Comptroller and the Report of the Treasure of the State of Florida for Year Ending December 31 Volume 1874
Poetry for Poetrys Sake an Inaugural Lecture Delivered on June 5 1901
Poems of Nature
Protest of the Ukrainian Republic to the United States Against the Delivery of Eastern Galicia to Polish Domination
The Family of Judah Being a Thorough Examination Into and Complete Refutation of Bishop Colensos First Objection to the Pentateuch
Report of Mr TG Rothwell Commissioner
Case of Aneurism of the Hepatic Artery with Multiple Abscesses of the Liver
Imperial Penny Postage Speech at Manchester on May 2nd 1892
Records of the Parish of Amity (Now Woodbridge) Connecticut PT I-II Volume PT1
Speech of MC Cameron MP on the Disallowance of Streams Bill
Genealogy of a Branch of the Metcalf Family Who Originated in West Wrentham Mass With Their Connections by Marriage Prep for the 90th Birthday of Caleb Metcalf 23 July 1867
Hints on the Parliamentary Law of Agency and of Corrupt Practices at Elections for the House of Commons
Ocean Routes and Modern Transportation Canadas Splendid Opportunity
Dedication of the New Site
Oration Democracy and Education
Catalogue 1896 and 1897
Annual Report of the President and Directors of the Maryland Penitentiary Made to His Excellency Augustus W Bradford Governor of Maryland January 1866 Volume 1866
Social and Economic Conditions of the British Provinces After the Canadian Rebellions 1838-1840
Program of the Fair
Speech of Mr R Johnson of Maryland on the Oregon Question Delivered in the Senate of the United States March 11 1846
Preliminary Report of the State Earthquake Investigation Commission
Rates for Gas Service
Description of a Series of Thin Sections of Typical Rocks
Gloria Britanica and the Universality of Anglo-Saxonism A Paper Read at the Convention of the North American St Georges Union at Toronto August 30 1883
Report of the Twenty-Third Annual Meeting of the British Columbia Protestant Orphans Home Hillside Avenue Victoria BC Held at the City Hall Victoria BC on Friday February 28th 1896 Mr Chas Hayward in the Chair
Proportional Representation [By] Roy E Curtis
Hints on Health and Tested Receipts for Plain Cooking Presented with the Compliments of Jury Lovell Druggists Bowmanville Ont
To the Klondike and Gold Fields of the Yukon
Some Thoughts and Suggestions on Municipal Reform in British Columbia
Totem-Post from the Haida Village of Masset Two British Columbian House-Posts with Totemic Carvings Remarks on Totemism
Proceedings of the Senate of Pennsylvania in Commemoration of Hon Thomas B Harper
Biographical Memoir of Alexander Dalrymple Esq Late Hydrographer to the Admiralty
Prose Rhythm in English
The British Columbia Almanac Specially Compiled for This Province with Other General Information
Electricity as Applied to Practical Medicine
Proceedings and Report of Special War Department Board on Courts-Martial and Their Procedure July 17 1919
The Position of the Province of Quebec in the Dominion of Canada Delivered in the House of Commons on the Resolutions Providing for Subsidies to Local Railway 12th April 1884
Pins for Wings
Speech of Mr NF Davin MP on Home Rule for Ireland Delivered in the House of Commons Ottawa April 22nd and 26th 1887
Longevity A Lecture
Are You Going to Klondike? Take the Spokane Overland Route and Save $70000
Railway Consolidation Circular from the Hon Provincial Secretary
The Boer War Its Causes and Its Interest to Canadians with a Glossary of Cape Dutch and Kafir Terms
On the Superficial Geology of the Central Region of North America
Memorandum and Articles of Association of the British Columbian Investment and Loan Society Limited
CF Bennetts Letters on Confederation the Fisheries C C
Rules of the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Company Also the Companys Act of 1886
Souvenir British Columbia
Notes on the Ornithology of the Seasons As Illustrated by the Arrival and Departure of Some of Our Migratory Birds
The Abstract and Concrete in Education The Word the Image the Reality
Election by Lot The Only Remedy for Political Corruption
WW Butchers Canadian Newspaper Directory
Metlakahtla and the Church Missionary Society
Six Months Medical Evidence in the Coroners Court of Montreal
Dies Panis
Souvenir--Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebration at Edmonton NWT June 22-23 1897
Model Farming a Science In a Nations Prosperity Much Depends Upon Her Agriculture Progress
The Twenty-First Nnual Report of the British Columbia Rotestant Orphans Home Hillside Avenue Victoria BC Ted at the Annual Meeting Held in the City Hall Victoria BC January 30th 1894 FH Worlock Esq in the Chair
Evening to Morning and Other Poems
Speech of Mr Cockburn MP on Unrestricted Reciprocity Delivered in the House of Commons Ottawa on Tuesday March 19th 1889
Official Report of the Speech on the Irish Question
Sir Wilfrids Progress Through England and France in the Jubilee Year
Speeches Delivered at the Public Meeting Held Under the Auspices of the Toronto Branch of the Imperial Federation League in Canada on Saturday 24th March 1888
A Review of the Mineral Development of the Trout Lake District with Map A Description of the Mining and Distributing Centres of Trout Lake City Ferguson Thomsons Landing Ten Mile City and Comaplix West Kootenay British Columbia
In the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories Northern Alberta Judicial District James Bannerman Plaintiff and George Emerson and JH Ashdown Defendants Appeal Book
Earl of Bellamonts Speeches in the House of Lords on Friday the 13th and Monday the 16th February 1789
Burlington Free Public Library With Historical Sketch
The Death and Burial of Cock Robin To Which Is Added the Natural History of That Bird C
The Fall of Hochelaga [Electronic Resource] A Study of Popular Tradition
David Kaufmann An Appreciation
Treaty Between Her Majesty and the United States of America For the Settlement of the Claims of the Hudsons Bay and Pugets Sound Agricultural Companies Signed at Washington July 1 1863
Professional Notes
Sketch of the Parish of St Mary Almonte Ontario 1823 to 1885
Universal Beneficence A Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of St Luke Dublin on Sunday the Nineteenth Day of March 1720 21
A Sermon Preached Before His Honor Moses Gill Esq Lieutenant-Governor the Honourable the Council Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts May 29 1799 Being the Day of General Election
Bibliothecas Americana (1622-1896) A Handy Book about Books Which Relate to Books about America
Hardinges Phonography and Mnemonics Or the Art of Memorizing Historical Dates
Report of the Secretary and Special Delegate of the Joint Foreign Committee on Questions of Jewish Interest at the Third Assembly of the League
Official List of Officers Who Marched with the Army Under the Command of Major General Winfield Scott From Puebla Upon the City of Mexico the Seventh Eighth Ninth and Tenth of August One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Seven and Who Were Engaged I
Remarks on ACT 78 Together with Appendix Containing the Law as Passed in English Spanish and Four Native Languages
Art in Everyday Life Comments Upon a Few Books Dealing with Industrial Art and Handicraft
Defects of the Financial Statements of the City of New York with Suggestions for Improved Forms A Report to the Commissioners of Accounts
Report and Recommendations on Customs Regulations
Cornell University Semi-Centennial Celebration Report and Recommendations
Columbus the Discoverer of America
Ecclesiastes Or the Preacher
Our Wild Flowers Familiar Notes Thereon
Extremadura Costume Womens Festival Dress at Monte Hermoso Caceres Ten Illustrations from Photographs in the Collecton of the Hispanic Society of America
Legends of Ancient China
Cabots Voyages A Lecture Delivered in St Patrick S Hall for the Athenaeum St Johns Newfoundland January 11th 1897
Her Majestys Loyal Opposition in This Her Year of Jubilee
The Federal Union and the States Address of Hon Coe I Crawford Before the Lincoln Association of Jersey City N J February 12 1912
The Carboniferous of Cape Breton With Introductory Remarks
Designs and Patterns for Needle Work
The Pleasure Dance in Its Relation to Religion and Morality A Sermon Preached in Bloor St Methodist Church Yorkville on Sabbath Evening Jan 30th 1881
The Upper Canada College Question Opinions of the Press with Strictures on Articles That Have Recently Appeared in Certain Toronto Newspapers
Correspondence with General Harney Letter of the Secretary of War Communicating Copies of Correspondence with General Harney Not Heretofore Published in Reference to His Administration in Oregon
The Beloved Captain the Honor of the Brigade an Englishman Prays
Report Upon Smelting Iron Ores from the Bristol Mines Pontiac County Prov of Quebec at Ottawa Ontario
The Devil in Cap and Gown An Examination of an Article Published in the Biblical World by Lucius Hopkins Miller
[The Ogden Family Elizabethtown Branch Charts]
Descriptive Notes on Certain Implements Weapons C from Graham Island Queen Charlotte Islands BC
Annotated List of the Minerals Occuring in Canada
Difficulties of Maintaining the Department of San Blas 1775-1777
Sketch of the History of St Andrews Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons No 16 G R C Toronto
Extracts from Debates in Dominion Parliament and British Columbia Legislative Council in 1871 On the Railway Land Clause of the Terms of Union of British Columbia with Canada
The Golden Gate Special Union Pacific Railway Southern Pacific Company Pullmans Palace Car Company Between Council Bluffs or Omaha and San Francisco
Frontenac and Miles Standish in the Northwest A Paper Read Before the New York Historical Society Tuesday December 4 1888
By-Laws of Union Lodge No 9 AF AM New Westminster BC Approved by the Grand Lodge of BC Together with a Masonic Burial Service Arranged for This Lodge
Constitution of the University and School Extension
The Capture of Mount Washington November 16th 1776 the Result of Treason
Address On the Occasion of the Anniversity [Sic] Celebration of the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States at Metropolitan AME Church Washington DC Tuesday Evening March 31 1908
A Zimshian Version of Portions of the Book of Common Prayer
A Poet of the People and After Sixty Years
A Briefe and Accurate Treatise Concerning the Taking of the Fume of Tobacco Which Very Many in These Dayes Doe Too Too [!] Licenciously Use in Which the Immoderate Irregular and Unseasonable Use Thereof Is Reprehended and the True Nature and Best
An Address Upon the Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Drinks
A Journey from Norton Sound Bering Sea to Fort Youkon
Some Insects Injurious to Stored Grain
A Discourse Concerning the Governing Providence of God
An Experimental Study of Grouping by Similarity as a Factor in the Teaching of Spelling Important Facts Revealed by the Investigation and Methods of Computation That Give a Basis for Comparative Interpretation of Results from Experimental Pedagogy Are
The Effect of Drying Soils on the Water-Soluble Constituents
An Oration Before the Washington Benevolent Society of Pennsylvania Delivered in the Olympic Theatre on the 22nd of February 1828
de Medicorum Meritis in S Scripturam Diatribe Hist Crit
The Physical Sufferings of the Poor Viewed from a Sanitary and Sociological Standpoint
The Country Without a Government Or Plain Questions Upon the Unhappy State of the Present Administration
The Economic and Financial Situation of Albania
The Truth about the Pilgrim Fathers 1620-1920
The Behring Sea Question Embracing the Fur Sealing Industry of the North Pacific Ocean 1897
The Place of the Practical Man in American Public Affairs
An Evaluation of Monitoring Algorithms for Access Anomaly Detection
A Kwagsutl Traslation of Hymns as Sung in the CMS Missions on the North of Vancouver Island
The Progress of the Land Bill
The Vancouver Routes to the Yukon
Practice Teaching in the School of Education University of Illinois 1893-1911
Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Salt Lake City
A Letter on the Cultivation of Cotton the Extension of Internal Communication and Other Matters Connected with India
British Columbia and Its Resources
The Charges Against the Government and Its Officials in Connection Wiht the Yukon Administration Speech on the Amendment to the Address to His Excellency
Young Mrs Winthrop A Play in Four Acts
Ride A-Cock Horse to Banbury + a Farmer Went Trotting Upon His Grey Mare
Psychological Tests a Bibliography Supplement to January 1 1918
A Catechism on the Currency by the Author of the Catechism on the Corn Laws
Washington and His Generals
A Sermon Delivered Before the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America In St Michaels Church Trenton New Jersey on September 11 1801 On the Occasion of the Meeting of the Said Convention and of the Co
The Proposed Railway Trust
Protection and Corruption
Narrative on the Captivity and Sufferings of William Honey and Two Other British Merchant-Seamen on the Island of Arguin on the West Coast of Africa in the Years 1844-5
Preliminary Lists of Subject Headings with Local Subdivision (A) Headings with Indirect Subdivision (B) Headings with Direct Subdivision And (C) Preliminary List of Local Divisions (States Provinces Etc) to Which Subdivision Is Always Direct
Prince Rupert at Lisbon
The Deserted Village
A Memorandum of Suggestions for the Use of Contributors to the Loan Collection Department of the Exhibition
Siege and Defence of Vicksburg and the Vicksburg National Military Park
Talking Turkey
Primary Law - Chapter 111 Registration and Election Law - Chapter 119 Mississippi Code of 1906 Chapter 136 - Laws 1908 Opinion of Attorney General on What Constitutes Qualified Elector
Programme Thirtieth Continental Congress April 18-23 1921
Hudsons Bay and Hudsons Strait as a Navigable Channel
The Public Lands and School Fund of Minnesota An Address at the Monthly Meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society in the Hall of the House of Representatives Feb 13 1911
Ritualistic Teaching Not the Teaching of the Church of England Being the Substance of Two Sermons Preached at St Pauls Church
In Memoriam A Discourse on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Delivered in the Second Presbyterian Church of St Louis April 23d 1865
Occupy Till I Come A Sermon Preached at the First Annual Service of the Columbia Mission in the Church of St Martins-In-The-Fields on Wednesday June 6 1860
Theodore Dwight Woolsey Memorial Address Before the Graduates of Yale University June 24 1890
Restorationism Two Sermons Preached in St Stephen S Church Toronto on the Last Sunday After Trinity 1875
Facial Paintings of the Indians of Northern British Columbia
Tomato Notes Volume 117
Proceedings of Conference of Owners of Railroad Securities Called by S Davies Warfield Held in Baltimore Wednesday May 23 1917 Hotel Emerson Organization of the National Association of Owners of Railroad Securities
Domestic Economy [A Farce in One Act] and Good for Nothing [A Comic Drama in One Act] Written Respectively by M Lemon and JB Buckstone
Additional Instances of Navigators Who Have Reached High Northern Latitudes Lately Received from Holland
Einfluss Des Westfalischen Friedens Auf Das Verhaltnis Der Stande Zu Kaiser Und Reich
Voices from the Sick Room Saved by Hope Romans VIII 24
A First Book of the Social and Religious Survey of Springfield Massachusetts Compiled from Preliminary Reports and Graphs Presented at the Findings Conference October 17th and 18th and the Programizing Conference December 12th and 13th 1922
Historical Sketch of the Grande Ligne Mission
Prize Essay - The Economical Aspect of Fire and Life Insurance at the Present Day
Annual Report of the President and Directors of the Maryland Penitentiary Made to His Excellency Thomas Swann Governor of Maryland January 1868 Volume 1868
Some Experiments on the X-Rays
On the Structure and Affinities of Sigillaria Calamites and Calamodendron
Reports on the Present Condition of the Canada Consolidated Gold Mining Companys Property and on the Treatment of Its Ores at Deloro Ontario
Opening of the New Library McGill University Montreal Containing the Addresses Delivered on the Occasion with a Description of the Building Some Points in the History of the University In Memoriam October 31st 1873
On Some Marine Invertebrata Dredged or Otherwise Collected by Dr GM Dawson in 1885 on the Coast of British Columbia With a Supplementary List of a Few Land and Fresh Water Shells Fishes Birds Etc from the Same Region
Report of the Board of Visitors and Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute Volume 1849 July
Information Respecting the Proposed Marine Transport Railway Across the Isthmus of Chignecto
In the Privy Council In Appeal from the Supreme Court of British Columbia Between William K Bull Appellant and Wing Chong Alias Chu Lay Respondent
Statement Regarding the Gold-Fields of Eastern Canada
An Address at the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Organization of the Nazareth Church and Congregation in Spartanburg SC
Elder William Brewster and the Brewster Family of Portsmouth New Hampshire
The Gleaner Volume V3 No14
The Problem of Nutrition
Alaska Interesting and Reliable Information Relating Thereto Containing Also the Organic Act of the Territory
Miscellaneous Printed Matter
Professors WD Whitney and JD Dana Commemorative Address Before the Graduates of Yale University June 23 1895 By President Dwight
Contagious Diseases of Cattle Prize Essay
New York and Admiral Sir Peter Warren at the Capture of Louisbourg 1745 An Address at the Inauguration of the Monument at Louisbourg on the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of Its Capture by the Society of Colonial Wars 1895
Easy Latin Plays
The Colonial Question A Brief Consideration of Colonial Emancipation Imperial Federalism and Colonial Conservation
The Gleaner Volume V21 No2
Address Delivered Before the Alumni of the University of Victoria College May 22nd 1861
Gai Gai Marions-Nous Chansons de France
Canada and the United States Their Past and Present Relations
Memorial in Respect to the Unpaid Claim of Mr H Bingham Higginson in Connection with Iron Bridges on the Intercolonial Railway
Primer for Foreign-Speaking Women
Message Lisgar The Governor General Transmits for the Information of the House of Commons the Accompanying Papers Relative to the Proposed Union of British Columbia with the Dominion of Canada
Heat Production of Honeybees in Winter
Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Canadian Pacific Navigation Company Incorporated Under the Companies Ordinance 1869
The Alaskan Boundary Line
The Constitution of the Philadelphia Society for the Establishment and Support of Charity Schools
Human Traits of Character In Rhyme
Splores of a Halloween Twenty Years Ago
Descriptive Note on the Sydney Coal Field Cape Breton Nova Scotia To Accompany a Revised Edition of the Geological Map of the Coal Field Being Sheets 133 134 135 NS
Manual of the Second Presbyterian Church Fort Wayne Indiana
The Bride
Review of a Sermon Preached by the REV GM Innes In the Quebec Cathedral on Sunday the 5th April 1868 and Published in the Quebec Mercury 9th April
Speech of Mr Choate of Massachusetts on the Question of Annulling the Convention for the Common Occupation of the Territory of Oregon And in Reply to Mr Buchanan Delivered in the Senate of the United States March 21 1844
Inaugural Address Delivered in Convocation at the Opening of the Eighth Session of Dalhousie College and University Halifax 1st Nov 1870
Thoreau the Hermit of Walden A Paper Read Before the Society March 7 1882
South Carolina Phosphates a Lecture Delivered Before the Agricultural Society of South Carolina Charleston SC December 12 1879
The Peoples Almanac for 1875 Containing Besides Much Useful Information of a General Character an Array of Facts and Figures Concerning the Province of Ontario Which Every Rate-Payer of the Province Should Be Acquainted with
Notes on the Coles and Lignites of the Canadian North-West Chiefly Derived from the Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada
From Evolved Beginning (ie a Hole Filling in with Gastronomic Ingredients) to Involved Endment (ie a Whole Filled Out with Anatomic Particulars)
Fundamental Principles of Freemasonry
A Narrative of Voyages in the Pacific Ocean
Amor Astucia y Valor
Defence of the Jesuits Calumnies of Pascal Pietro Sarpi and REV PF Austin Triumphantly Refuted
The Boundaries Formerly in Dispute Between Great Britain and the United States A Lecture
Dissent and Complaint of Mr David Mitchell and Others Against a Decision of the Presbytery of Toronto in the Matter of Mr DJ MacDonnell BD
State of the Country
The National or Geological and Natural History Survey Museum
List of References to Books and Articles on the Adamson Law of September 1916
St Paul A Lecture Delivered Before the St George S Church Young Mens Christian Association Montreal
Profit and Pleasure in Goat-Keeping A Practical Conservative Treatise Presenting in Concrete Form the Advantages of the Modern Milch Goat the Various Breeds Their Care and Management
The Stockmans Note-Book a Convenient Pocket and Account-Book Containing Useful Information for Stock Owners and
Ohio Rural Life Survey Country Churches of Distinction
List of References to Publications Relating to Irrigation in the Public Library of New South Wales
Announcements Relating to the Work of the Department of Extension
Reply to the Sequel of Hon Horace Mann Being a Supplement to the Bible the Rod and Religion in Common Schools
Alaska Speech of William H Seward at Sitka August 12 1869
Nine New Testament Notions of the Fulness of Christ
The College and University Library
Letter to a Neapolitan from an Englishman 1815
Speech of Hon M Russell Thayer of Pensylvania [!] in the House of Representatives of the United States
Report on the Inter-Allied Conference for the Study of Professional Re-Education
Florida Its Climate Soil and Productions With a Sketch of Its History Natural Resources and Social Condition
Supplement to the Regulations and Instructions for the Government of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey From January 1 1913 to June 30 1916
The One Hundred and Third General Assembly
A Sermon Delivered in the Chapel of the College of New Jersey Dec 10th 1876 by the REV John T Duffield
Studies on the Germ Cell of Aphids
Tyrocinium Anatomicum or an Introduction to Anatomy
Sir John Franklin
Overland Communication by Land and Water Through British North America June 1867
Notes on a Journey on the James Together with a Guide to Old Jamestown
Commercial Sketch of Montreal and Its Superiority as a Wholesale Market
Aristotles Definition of the Human Good
Working Plan (Revised) for the Reserved Forests of the Jalpaiguri Division
Tidal Phenomena of the St John River at Low Summer Level
The New Navigation Presented in a Familiar Way for Captains and Officers of the Merchant Service
The Negatives of the Indo-European Languages
Modern Business A Lecture Delivered Before the Montreal Young Mens Christian Association on Thursday Evening December 19th 1878
Christians Sealed by God for Sacrifice A Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Service of the Diocesan Church Society in Fredericton Cathedral on Thursday July 4th 1889
Speech of Garrett Davis of Kentucky on the Oregon Question Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Feb 7 1846
Insanity in Relation to Law Read Before the Association of Officers of Asylums for the Insane of the United States and Canada at Toronto June 8 1871
Three Carrier Myths
Farewell Words to Montreal A Sermon
A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Reverend Mr Thomas Bradbury Who Departed This Life Sept 9 1759 in the 82d Year of His Age
An Apology for Sir James Dalrymple of Stair President of the Session
First Catechism in Shushwap
Fragmentum Lingvae Gothicae Ex Augustino
Lignite Formations of the West Foraminifera Coccoliths and Rhabdoliths from the Cretaceous of Manitoba
Some Double Halides of Cadmium with the Methylamines and Tetramethylammonium A Dissertation
The Caldron or Follies of Cambridge A Satire
Map and Information Concerning the City and District of New Westminster and Province of British Columbia
Miniatures Asheville NC
The Deed of Trust and Will of Richard Rawlinson of St John Baptist College Oxford Doctor of Laws Containing His Endowment of an Anglo-Saxon Lecture and Other Benefactions to the College and University
A Review of the Halifax Fishery Award How It Strikes a Private Citizen
The Gospel and the Age Sermons on Special Occasions
Sources of the Saskatchewan
Principles of Method in Teaching Arithmetic as Derived from Scientific Investigation
The Gleaner Volume V8 No10
The Gleaner Volume V5 No2
A Summary Report
The Future of Nations
Register Winter Term
Report on International Action and Machinery Regulating Labor and International Labor Opinion as to Peace Terms
Quinine in Cholera
A Reply to an Unsentimental Sort of Critic the Reviewer of Spences Anecdotes in the Quarterly Review for October 1820 Otherwise to a Certain Critic and Grocer the Longinus of In-Door Nature
The Panelled Rooms
The Rate of Increase of the Pink Boll Worm in Green Bolls in the Period July to November 1916
The Gleaner Volume V10 No 1
The Distribution of the Unionidae in Michigan
Last Attempt of the Cateran to Levy Blackmail in Scotland Being a Letter to the Whitby Chronicle Ontario Containing a Circumstantial Account of the Last Raid on the Lowlands of Scotland In 1707
The Problem of Forestry in Minnesota Report to the State Forestry Board of Minnesota
An Address on Normal Schools of Agriculture for Farmers Institute Workers Delivered Before the Pa Farmers Normal Institute Held at Bellefonte Pa Oct 11-14 1904
The Rebuke of Secession Doctrines
On the Glacial Origin of Certain Lakes in Switzerland the Black Forest Great Britain Sweden North America and Elsewhere
Emanuel Swedenborg as a Cosmologist
Prose Rhythm in English a Lecture Delivered on June 6 1913
Deborah Dent and Her Donkey and Madam Figs Gala Two Humorous Tales Embellished with Eighteen Beautifully-Coloured Engravings
Arthur Henry Hallam
The Cabot Roll The Customs Roll of the Port of Bristol AD 1496 to 1499
Poem Delivered Before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society September 13 1825
The Practical Results of the Total of Partial Abolition of Capital Punishment in Various Countries
Regulations for the Survey Administration Disposal and Management of Dominion Lands Within the Forty-Mile Railway Belt in the Province of British Columbia 1893
Our United Church A Discourse Preached in Cote Street Presbyterian Church Montreal on the Evening of Sabbath the 20th June 1875
Beyond [Poems]
The Emancipation of India a Reply to the Article by the Right Hon Viscount Morley OM on British Democracy and Indian Government in the Nineteenth Century and After for February 1911
Further Correspondence Respecting the Proceedings of the Joint Commission for the Settlement of Questions Pending Between the United States and Canada
A Lumberman Bibliophile
The Equine Paradox
Reading List on Modern Dramatists DAnnunzio Hauptmann Ibsen Maeterlinck Phillips Rostand Shaw and Sudermann
A Practical Study of the Rough Side of Nitro-Glycerine as Used in the Oil and Gas Fields
Wars Folly and Futility
Educational Word Lessons
Address Delivered Before the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture at Its Meeting [Microform] On the Twentieth of July 1824
A Speech on the Budget in the Canadian House of Commons on Thursday April 5th 1883
Hasty Notes on Trees and Shrubs of Northern Europe and Asia
The Political Aspects of the Railroad Rate Question an Introduction to the Study of the Subject October 9 1905
Revision of the Canadian Tariff
Vancouver Madrigal Dramatic Society Second Concert Tuesday Evening May 17th 87 in the Methodist Hall
A Critique of Cardinal Newmans Exposition of the Illative Sense Embodied in a Letter to Archbishop Lynch
State of Trade with British North American Provinces Letters from the Secretary of the Treasury Transmitting a Report on the State of Trade Between the United States and the British North American Possessions
Report on the Climate and Agricultural Value General Geological Features and Minerals of Economic Importance of Part of the Northern Portion of British Columbia and of the Peace River Country
Fabian Tract
Report of Ice and Ice Movements in Bering Sea and the Arctic Basin
Are the Carrier Sociology and Mythology Indigious or Exotic?
Bulletin Education Series
Sketch of the Life of the Honorable John Read 1680-1749 Also of Chief-Justice Charles Morris 1711-1781
In and about Salt Lake City
Alphabetical Vocabulary of the Chinook Language
Abstract of a Historical Sketch of Canadian Institutions for the Insane
Reminiscences of the Revolution Or Le Loups Bloody Trail from Salem to Fort Edward
The Anti-Japanese Petition Appeal in Protest Against a Threatened Persecution
On the Use of Alcohol on Pneumonia
Alone in the Wide Wide World A Musically Illustrated Service
The Use of Aluminum in Dentistry New Method Rendering Its Use Necessary and Easy by Means of the Automatic Pressure Apparatus

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